Land Surveying

For more than 40 years, land survey has been one of our core services, touching nearly all of our projects, large and small.

Our highly skilled team uses the latest instrumentation to provide accurate, detailed information each and every time.

Right-of-Way Plan Preparation

We have provided right-of-way plan preparation in most ODOT districts.

Boundary and ALTA/ACSM Surveys

We have performed boundary surveys from small, one-acre plots to large-scale projects including a boundary survey of approximately 27,000 acres!

Topographic Surveys

JHA is experienced at providing large and small-scale topographic surveys in an efficient, cost effective manner.

FEMA Surveys

We provide all of the surveying services related to FEMA submittals ranging from simple elevation certificates to highly detailed surveys to support LOMA and LOMR applications.

Global Positioning System

We provide GPS services for our in-house projects and for outside clients, such as photogrammetric firms. We use Trimble R8 GNSS System (GPS Units) GPS allowing us to perform static, VRS, and/or real time kinematic surveys.

Construction Stakeout

Our surveying department has gained an excellent reputation for providing accurate and quality surveys while maintaining contractors’ and developers’ schedules.

Aerial Control

We provide aerial control for several mapping companies. Our tasks typically include placing targets and occupation of targets utilizing static GPS procedures.