Our engineering services are extensive. Look to us for your transportation, municipal, and land development needs.

Providing the highest level of service means respecting your fiscal, regulatory, and legal obligations. We understand the challenges your public agency faces and we work within those parameters to complete your projects as efficiently and economically as possible.

Infrastructure planning and design
Our team works in the public and private sectors and brings a well-rounded approach to meeting your needs. We believe in frequent, open communication between our team and the public officials we serve.

Wastewater collection systems
We understand the unique challenges of engineering one of the deepest utilities in an area, especially when sanitary sewer systems must be retrofit into developed areas. Our thorough planning upfront leaves few questions down the road.

Water systems
Our experience ranges from distribution systems to booster stations, storage tanks, standpipes, pressure studies, and system analysis. We utilize Water Modeling Software for our pressure studies and system analysis.

Water resources
As infrastructure grows, so does the demand on our water resources. JHA’s team provides design, upgrades, and new construction to manage the changes. In flooding and poor drainage conditions, our emergency response resolves problems fast.

Water resources
Storm water management design and analysis
Hydrologic and hydraulic design and analysis
Drainage and water quality design
Wetland mitigation bank design
Sedimentation and water quality controls
Flood control and mapping

Development regulations/planning/zoning codes
Regulations are all about planning and foresight. JHA has been involved with creating, interpreting, meeting, and enforcing various regulations throughout Ohio. Let us help you manage the critical zoning and ordinance issues of your growing community.
Park facilities, planning, and design
Our professional engineers, technicians, and environmental experts are experienced in preparing conceptual park designs, evaluating and designing trail linkages, managing the grant application process, conducting preliminary funding studies, and producing final design and construction plans.

Regulation services
Thoroughfare and Access management
Storm water management
Subdivision and development
Zoning codes

Resident project representative services
We provide experienced field representatives that have worked in the construction field for over 20 years. These professionals are trained and familiar with on-site regulatory compliance. Our services include bidding services, on-site observation, and full-time representation.

Our firm’s history is deeply rooted in roadway design and transportation engineering beginning with our original owners, both of whom were ODOT engineers. Today, we build on these origins by continually strengthening all aspects of our transportation and engineering design team.

ODOT Prequalifications
Non-complex roadway design
Complex roadway design
Interchange justification / modification studies
Safety studies
Level 1 bridge design
Minor bridge inspection
Basic traffic signal design
Right-of-way plan preparation – Complex
Environmental document preparation–Categorical exclusion, Section 4(f)
Ecological surveys

We offer streetscape design, highway and street improvements,interchanges and complex geometrics, design/build, preliminary engineering/feasibility studies, safety upgrades, and much more. When needed, we have a systematic approach for managing public involvement for projects involving right-of-way acquisition.

Traffic engineering
As community development occurs, traffic problems can arise quickly. Our team offers traffic expertise in corridor studies, operational and safety studies, speed studies, and much more.

Bridge engineering
Whether you are looking to develop a signature structure that defines your identity or to craft a simple solution for maintaining existing bridges, our bridge design specialists can provide you with insightful, cost effective solutions to meet your bridge design needs.